We are united

Kyle Kettler and I created this film as a hype piece for True North Elite. The goal being to boost excitement for MN United FC's First home match as an MLS Team. We released it two days before the game and in those two days it was viewed over fourteen thousand times and created buzz among soccer fans across the state and throughout the MLS.

  • Creative Director: Kyle Kettler with Coefficient Digital, Inc. 
  • Director/Cinematographer: Christopher Behnen
  • Script writer: Amy Overgaard
  • Voice Over: Elijah Kovar

Special thanks to: Elijah Kovar, Joseph Paulson, Ryan Gates and Moving Edge Media, Mykel Hosek, Nicholas Bisbee, Francisco Guerra, Jocelyn Jourdan, Alyssa Anderson, Katie Burke, National Sports Center, Mike the night Operations Manager of National Sports Center, Minnesota United FC, and the members of True North Elite.