We worked with Bercom to create a

brand building piece centered around the sprit of

friendship, family, and the magic of the holidays,

that would incorporate their HANDy Paint Product line.

  • Client: Bercom
  • Executive: Jake LeVoir
  • Creative: Christopher Behnen, Krista Rose Koester 
  • Director: Krista Rose Koester 
  • AD: Erin Mcgregor
  • Cinematographer: Christopher Behnen 
  • AC: Anthony Cousins
  • Production Designer: Ashley Heruban 
  • Hair and makeup: Laura Hart
  • Gaffer: Grant Swanson 
  • Key Grip: Sophie Meath
  • Dolly Grip: Caleb Genheimer 
  • Original Score: Michael Lowry
  • Sound Design: Luke Stapleton 
  • Art PA: Forrest Anderson
  • Mary: Arden Michalec
  • James: Parker Michalec
  • Snow Ball Throwers: Luke O'Leary, Morien McBurnie