A splash piece created with @dogsofinstagram for @Lucyandco with the purpose of increasing social engagement


We launched a video with the purpose of presenting an emotionally engaging story that the target audience could place themselves in. The story involved a couple giving their dog a sweater from @lucyand.co that matched theirs. The purpose being that if the audience put themselves in that story they would do the same. 

Social engagement in the first 24 hours

Comments 492

Likes 31,507

Views 120,206



  • Client: Lucy & Co.
  • Agency: Dogs Of Instagram
  • Creative: Christopher Behnen, Paul Weaver
  • Director/Cinematographer: Christopher Behnen
  • Photographer: Paul Weaver
  • Stylist: Sami Huerta
  • Talent: Sami Huerta, Shane Benton, Gus the goldendoodle
  • Dog Wrangler: Aubrey Bergstrom