Dance Film Sponsorship


We are seeking a strategic partnership for our next project and potentially ongoing. We are looking to grow an audience of viewers through consistent, high quality dance films, featuring Mary LeVoir. Mary is already a micro-influencer on social media. She keeps an active Instagram account which is currently at 22k followers. She was a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance and a youtube search of her name yields many favorable videos totaling hundreds of thousands of views. With a consistent presence and help from a sponsor brand, she is primed for growth.


Mary and I dropped a passion project called “Hollywood Underwater” recently. It was concepted and directed by myself and choreographed and performed by Mary. The clip on her Instagram is nearing 10k views and the full video on youtube is just over 2700. These are nearly completely organic results.

We are currently planning our second dance film. We are upping the visual and technical components with the plan to grow our audience.

Sponsorship benefits 

  • Organic product placement that would appear in social posts,
  • Social tags on Mary's posts,
  • Logo on video
  • In addition we can negotiate creating specific deliverables of the content for use on the sponsor's own platforms for their own marketing.

We are looking for $2000 to cover expenses of this next video, this could be one exclusive sponsor or could be spread between non-competing brands.

  • $250 will be going to production design
  • $250 will be going to Equipment
  • $1500 will be going to crew and talent