Back when I worked full time at Slate and Main, I was tasked with creating short teaser videos for the 12 services we had listed on our website. Cinematography was one of the services and this one took me the longest to concept. It felt so personal. I was doing a lot of creative directing for them but I always knew cinematography was what I was best at and what I cared most about. This is what we ended up creating. looking back at my time at Slate, this stands out as one of the most personal projects I did there and really reflects how I interact with the idea of cinematography. The Idea that that camera is just a tool and needs to disappear behind the ideas is very important to the way I operate as a director of photography. 

  • Client: Slate and Main
  • Production Company: Slate and Main
  • Creative: Christopher Behnen. 
  • Director of Photography: Christopher Behnen
  • VFX: Jared Meyers
  • Editor: Christopher Behnen